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Most Observable Organisms of Greater Adelaide

Week 2:The Common Brown Butterfly (Heteronympha merope) All 5 Families of Butterflies are represented in South Australia. The Skippers & Darts (Hesperiidae), the Gossamer-winged (Lycaenidae), the Whites & Yellows (Pieridae), the Swallowtails (Papilionidae), and the Brush-footed (Nymphalidae). Within the Brush-footed Family we find one of Greater Adelaide’s most numerous Butterflies, the Heteronympha merope, unsurprisingly namedContinue reading “Most Observable Organisms of Greater Adelaide”

Natural Areas in the Greater Adelaide Region

o you’re ready to contribute to the City Nature Challenge 2020: Greater Adelaide but aren’t sure where you should go to make observations? Check out the long, but hardly exhaustive, list of great natural areas in the Greater Adelaide