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Come and be part of the worldwide City Nature Challenge! Join and compete with people from 250 other cities to discover and record as many plant, animal and fungus species as possible. This is the first time that Greater Geelong region is participating in the City Nature Challenge. All you need to do is to photography or sound record wildlife in your backyard, local park or surrounding national parks and upload to iNaturalist using your phone app or computer. A great way to learn of the biodiversity within our wetlands, bushland and coastal environments. Skilled naturalists will help identify your observed species.

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The City Nature Challenge -Geelong is organized by Rod Lowther, Geelong Field Naturalist Club and Pete Crowcroft, Great Ocean Road Coast Committee.  The City of Greater Geelong and Corangamite Catchment Management are providing local sponsorship support in assisting with the promotion of the City Nature Challenge.

The Geelong BioBlitz Region covers the municipalities of the City of Greater Geelong, Surf Coast Shire, and Queenscliff Borough and includes the upper reach of the Barwon River Catchment. The area is graced with wonderful sandy beaches, some rocky shoreline of the surf coast and the calm waters of Corio bay. While inland, the main areas are agricultural land of the Basalt Western grassland plains with dry eucalypt woodlands of the Brisbane National Park to the north and temperate rainforest and healthlands of the Otway National Park along the Great Ocean Road to the south.

The City Nature Challenge is running on the last weekend of the International Wildlife Photographer Exhibition being held at the National Wool Museum.


that allows naturalists all over the
world to connect and share their
On iNaturalist, you can:
•• Share your observations of wild
•• See what other naturalists have
found nearby
•• Get identification help
•• Keep a life list
•• Expand your nature knowledge

Geelong Nature Forum

Learn more about the iNaturalist app and how to make nature observations at The Geelong Nature Forum-28th March 2020 at the National Wool Museum, Geelong


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