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Adelaide ID Guides & Resources

Check out our list of identification guides to find out more information on the different plant and animals found around the greater Adelaide region.

Native Ants of the Adelaide & Mount Lofty Ranges region

Reef Fish of SA

Eucalyptus Trees of Australia

Native Bees of Australia

Butterflies of the Adelaide Region

Aquatic Invertebrates of SA

Birds of Australia

Identifying Plants in SA

Locust & Grasshoppers of Australia

Dragonflies of Australia

Other Resources

If you are not sure what the species is that you have observed, there are a number of ways you can get help finding out:

  • South Australian Museum – South Australian Museum’s Discovery Centre can help you identify many animals.
  • Ellura Sanctuary – An independently owned website created by Brett & Marie Smith who are the owners of the ‘Ellura Sanctuary’ in regional South Australia. Check out their website for information on a whole host of animal and plant species found within Greater Adelaide.
  • Additionally, the SA Public Library Network is a free and great way to gain access to a number of identification guides and other resources. Visit your local public library to gain free membership today!

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